The process of choosing a dentist is much less stressful when you find a family dentist that serves not only adults, but your children as well. Receiving service from a knowledgeable and friendly kids’ dentist can make all the difference in the success of your visit and the well-being of your child.

When searching for a family dentist, you want to ensure that they possess the knowledge and the skill to care for you and your child. Before you decide on a dentist, do some research on the staff at the dental practices you are considering to see if they have a positive history with patients of all ages. You can often find dentist reviews online from past or current patients to help guide your decision. A really detailed review can even give you an idea of what to expect when you enter the office!

Deciding on a Family Care Dental Practice

Before you decide to visit a family care dental practice, become familiar with the history of the practice and the dentists working there. As you search for information, you can develop a list of general questions that you need to know in order to prepare for an appointment.

Some of the factors that may influence your decision when attempting to find a dentist are:

  • Location – Because time can often be limited when you’re not only caring for yourself but for others as well, you need a family dentist that is located within a close proximity of your home or work.
  • Experienced dentists – Is this dentist active in reputable dental associations? What kind of degree do they hold? The comfort of knowing your local dentist has proper training and a positive track record will make a family dentist visit much more pleasant.
  • Convenient hours – There are many offices that, in addition to weekdays, offer weekend hours, which might make it easier to obtain treatment for your child, even if you have a busy schedule!
  • Friendly staff – Individuals are more likely to continue visiting an office when it is clear that they are valued. Being greeted by friendly staff members and treated by welcoming dentists makes a huge difference in your comfort level!

What to Expect from a Kids’ Dentist

Although dental office environments can vary, choose a dental practice that will make you and your child feel comfortable. Some offices even come furnished with comfortable amenities for both you and your children to enjoy, such as video games, board games, toys, pillows, blankets and HD TVs.

When visiting a kids’ dentist, services might include:

  • Tooth cleaning and repair
  • A unique dental plan for your children
  • Comprehensive oral exams to prevent future conditions and diseases
  • Education on how to improve and maintain your child’s oral health

Often, an appointment with a family dentist can prove to be a very different experience for a child than that of an adult. Because a dental office visit can be frightening for some young patients, kid-friendly dentists should work to put your child at ease. Along each step of the procedure, these dentists should communicate with your child by using terms that are easy to understand. Some family dentists will even allow younger children to touch or inspect instruments to become familiar with them, prior to treatment!

Preparing Your Child for a Dental Care Appointment

Before visiting your family dentist, you can ease your child’s anxieties by answering questions they may have about their upcoming appointment. If possible, take your child to tour the office so they become familiar with the environment before their appointment.

You may also:

  • Discuss your child’s hesitation about their visit with the kids’ dentist they are scheduled to see. If your dentist is aware of your child’s worries, they will be more equipped to handle a situation where your child might become upset or anxious.
  • With permission, accompany your child during treatment. Your presence can help immensely when a child is nervous or fearful of being treated by his or her dentist.
  • Be careful not to feed your child sugary foods or caffeinated beverages before their appointment. This could negatively affect your child during their visit.

Family Dentists Serve Children, Teens and Adults

Whether you have toddlers or teens, a family-oriented dental practice will serve children of all ages. Just as young patients need special attention, the teenage years are the period when many individuals require specialized oral treatment, such as orthodontic care. Many family dentist offices provide in-house orthodontic treatments as a convenient option for busy parents and their families.

Benefits of orthodontic treatment can include:

  • Alignment of teeth
  • Improved eating
  • Corrected speech
  • Increased confidence

If you’re in search of a local dentist that provides excellent care for patients of all ages, choose Covington Center for Family Dentistry. We are an affordable family care dental practice, offering patients a variety of amenities, a relaxing environment and highly-skilled staff that make your comfort and treatment a priority. Schedule a dentist appointment online or contact us at (678) 306-6000 for more information about our Covington, Georgia office.

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