We provide general dentistry for kids at Covington Center for Family Dentistry! We know that it is important to provide oral care to children at a young age, as it can greatly affect their future oral health.
During your child’s visit, our experienced dentists examine each child to identify any oral health issues. Steps toward prevention and treatment are taken, and both patients and their parents are given valuable information regarding proper hygienic practices.

A Pediatric Dentist Office with Kid-Friendly Amenities

At Covington Center for Family Dentistry, we understand the importance of choosing a pediatric dentist and how much it can influence a child’s overall attitude toward caring for their teeth. With repeated visits, children begin to build a relationship with our dentists and come to trust that their appointments will be comfortable and even fun.

Just as the thought of a dentist visit can be nerve-wracking for an adult, it can also be the case with general dentistry for kids. To take the fear out of the process, our pediatric dentists familiarize children with the tools that will be used during the appointment, as they allow them to touch the instruments. Using non-threatening terms to describe the procedures, the dentist explains to the child what is happening throughout each step of the way.

We also provide accommodations for children in order to place them at ease during their appointment. The children’s play area is available to all our patients awaiting an appointment. Children are given the choice of toys, video games or coloring books.

During their visit, children will enjoy:

  • A soft pillow or warm blanket
  • Cartoons on ceiling-mounted HD TVs
  • A treasure chest full of prizes

Through general dentistry for kids, we can take steps toward preventative care and teaching kids the right hygienic practices that they can use for the rest of their lives. At Covington Center for Family Dentistry, we teach our young patients how to maintain a healthy smile for years to come.

Schedule a kid-friendly dentist appointment at our Covington, GA office by calling (678) 306-6000 or contacting us online.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family!