Covington Center for Family Dentistry offers a variety of orthodontics options and treatments for children, teens and adults.

Early/Interceptive Treatment for Kids: To the untrained eye, your children’s teeth may appear straight and their bite aligned, but an orthodontist can detect developing problems that can cause trouble later. With interceptive treatment, we can help:

  • Guide your child’s jaw growth
  • Reduce the risk of trauma to any protruding teeth
  • Fix harmful oral habits
  • Improve the appearance of your child’s smile
  • Direct growing, permanent teeth toward a better position
  • Tweak the way the teeth and lips meet

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends you schedule your child’s first orthodontics visit by age seven. Call the team at our Covington, GA practice today at (678) 306-6000 to find out more, or schedule an appointment online for your child.

Visit a Covington Orthodontist for Adult Treatment

Without effective treatment from an orthodontist, crooked teeth or a misaligned bite can lead to gum/bone loss, tooth decay, headaches and jaw pain over time. Plus, adults who never had braces as a child may want to improve the look of their smile by straightening the line of teeth or closing any gaps. Thankfully, orthodontic treatments for adults can still be very much effective, and much faster than in years past – in fact, our array of advanced treatments for adults includes six-month braces that are both attractive and affordable.

No matter what your age, you can receive high-quality orthodontics at our Covington, GA office. Contact us online or call our compassionate team today at (678) 306-6000 to find out your options.

We look forward to getting to know you and your family!